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Customer Service Survey

About Your Cleaning Team:

1) Accuracy in time of arrival and time window given by you:
2) Consistency in level of cleaning:
3) Professionalism showed by the cleaning crew:
4) Care when handling your belongings:

About the office staff:

1) Courtesy and friendly throughout your communication:
2) Satisfactory performance of your request: (ex: Skips, Rescheules, Time of arrival, ect)
3) Satisfactory communication skills:
4) Accuracy in accounting information:

About Tasks:

1) Kitchen Cleaning
2) Bathroom Cleaning
3) Dusting
4) Vacuuming

About the Company:

1) Are we able to schedule your cleanings on the days/times you want?
2) Overall, how would you rate the level of service you have received?
3) How would you rate the price you pay for the services received?
4) How likely are you to recommend our services to others?

Thanks for submitting!

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